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Hawaii Hibiscus Farm Experience and Tastings

Hydroponic Hibiscus Plants

Our Farm's Story

We are a husband-and-wife team that has gardened sustainably together for over 20 years.  In 2008, we founded Hawaiian B Natural Farms in Honoka'a to share our passion for high-quality, naturally produced food with our neighbors on the Hamakua Coast and with the greater Hawaiian community.

What We Do

Actually, we allow the natural bounty of Hawaiian sunshine and rain to do most of our work for us.  Using the very latest in hydroponics and greenhouse horticultural technologies, we collaborate with nature to produce the most flavorful and fresh edible hibiscus.  

Greenhouse image.jpg

How We Do It

We grow sustainably.  Our greenhouses have specially-designed roofs that catch rainwater so that we can grow environmentally friendly and keep our municipal water usage levels low.  

We grow naturally.  We use less chemical sprays.  To avoid the constant use of sprays to control pests like white fly and thrips, we chose to go the low-tech, non-chemical route by fully enclosing our greenhouses.

We grow Locally.  We are your neighbors, and like you, we care about the quality of our food and our local economy and environment.

Contact us via email at or call/text to 808.938.6445.

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