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Aloha Hibiscus

Our personalized hibiscus farm tour is set on the Big Island, just outside of Honoka'a Hawaii.  Join the owners of our small family farm and discover fascinating insights about hibiscus cultivation and hydroponic farming. During the tour, learn the uniqueness of each type of hibiscus plants we cultivate and the difference between ornamental hibiscus and culinary hibiscus.  While you view and enjoy the tour, experience several samples of hibiscus products handmade on-site. 

Farm Highlights

During the tour of our farm, we discuss the history of agriculture of Hawaii and the production of our hibiscus products. We visit the outside demonstration garden to look at the different plant varieties and flowers. The tour continues with a visit to our hydroponic greenhouse production area. We conclude with a guided tasting of our amazing hibiscus flowers, preserves and teas. 


A Closer Look

Take a look at some of the highlights from our tours and see why our Hibiscus Farm Experience  is a must-visit destination on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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